I have been working with Erika Brown as my Internet Marketer for Organic Search Engine Optimization and Reputation Management for the past nine years. During this time Erika has grown my plastic surgery practice in NYC beyond my expectations. My plastic surgery clinic is located in the highly competitive Manhattan, NYC market. I compete with hundreds of plastic surgeons in a small geographical location all attempting to gain market share for plastic surgery patients. Through Erika’s hard work and remarkable webmaster skills from website design, website development, to search engine optimization – I have consistently enjoyed top search engine rank on Google and all other search engines.

I now have expanded my patient base from the NYC area to include patients seeking consultation and surgery from all across the United States as well as internationally. As a result of Erika’s effective Internet marketing efforts, SEO website design, and search engine optimization efforts (including mobile website deployment),  I have been able to eliminate my print ads and markedly reduced all other advertising and marketing expenses.

Thanks to the efforts of Erika Brown and NewYorkSEO, LLC I have been able to not only survive but thrive in the most competitive city in the world – NYC.

Douglas M Senderoff, MD, FACS
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
NYC, New York


NewYorkSEO is one of the finest firms with which I have ever had the privilege of working. The company’s CEO, Erika Brown, is a consummate professional and manages my account. She understands the needs of the client and acts with great determination and precision to deliver results. The firm takes a comprehensive approach to include video assets, digital images, content enhancement, SEO PR, and reputation management. In addition to garnering the power of the internet through SEO, the firm uses other web assets to optimize positioning and assists with business strategy. Most importantly, you can trust NewYorkSEO to put the needs of the client first. Having such integrity is refreshing. It is my pleasure to highly recommend NewYorkSEO without reservation.

Adam D. Schaffner, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Diplomate, American Board of Plastic Surgery
Diplomate, American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Diplomate, American Board of Otolaryngology


Jake has an exceptional knowledge and experience in regards to Social Media Strategy and development. He has a unique way of imparting his expertise in a way that is both engaging and easy to implement. His ability to drill down to the most relevant solutions and demonstrate real world techniques, have greatly enhanced my understanding of social media marketing. Jake is an inspiring teacher and a true professional. I look forward to working with him again in the future and would highly recommend him to both clients and business partners alike.

Piaras M.
Global Marcom Community Manager at ZMD AG


I call Jake the Yoda of social media. Not only does he possess an intimate understanding of the tools social media marketers need to have in their arsenal, but more importantly, he understands their strategic implications and provides a plethora of ways to build them into successful social media marketing programs.

Jake is a fountain of ideas and whenever I speak with him, I feel more informed and knowledgeable about the social media and PR space. He is also sharp and analytical, and isn’t afraid to ask the right questions to validate a strategy. Additionally, his exuberance and passion are infectious and I always feel energized after we chat.

Simply put, he is great to work with and an asset to any organization.

Fred Han
Director of Marketing and Communications at Pulselocker


Ms. Brown initially came to my attention by virtue of another doctor – a medical colleague – who spoke of her expertise and professionalism in glowing terms. Upon meeting her, her unique devotion to her clients and extraordinary passion for her calling as a webmaster / Internet marketer were immediately apparent. Ms. Brown is a consummate professional, as passionate at staying absolutely ahead of the curve in all web based technology changes as she is committed to providing the best possible results to her clients. She has provided consistently excellent results over the years and is always looking ahead for our benefit. I rank on the first page (mostly #1 for all my services based on her keyword research).

I have been approached by many webmasters, SEO firms, Internet marketing agencies, etc. since beginning with Ms. Brown who wish to solicit my business.  I have never been tempted, knowing that I am in the hands of the most technically proficient, caring and hands on professional in the business.

I recommend Ms. Brown in the highest terms possible. Erika and the entire team at NewYorkSEO, LLC will make you money and relevant on the Internet.

Jeffrey L. Rand, MD
Board Certified Dermatologist


As a well known bi-coastal plastic surgeon (NYC & Beverly Hills), who is also featured in a hit television show, I needed a contemporary, highly visible web presence with a classic website design. I required an original website, a webmaster, a search engine optimization practitioner, someone skilled at online PR (Social Media), someone that could mange my online reputation, and a trusted professional who would honestly help me achieve my goals. I heard about Erika Brown at a medical conference and I decided to use her SEO services. She immediately understood my needs. Within two weeks of building my website, I became number one on the Internet on all search engines for my keyword phrases – I really couldn’t believe it but it is true. I have remained on the first page of every search engines since 2004.

Erika has been my Internet Marketer for nine years and has kept my online presence current – from implementing local search to reputation management. Erika and her team at NewYorkSEO have surpassed my expectations and are terrific at anticipating needs. Erika Brown is more than just an expert SEO practitioner; she is a part of my company as a trusted employee. I have gladly referred the SEO firm of NewYorkSEO to many of my friends and colleagues, including doctors and surgeons.

Gary J. Alter, MD
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
Beverly Hills, California
Jake is amazing. I worked with him on social media training program development. His knowledge is deep and wide. He has the highest integrity and energy that never runs out. A hard and smart worker, I would highly recommend working with Jake if you have the opportunity.

Richard Diamond
Gleanster, LLC


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jake during his time at Frost & Sullivan. At first Jake was actually a client of my company, but not the normal client. He was very intuitive, always wanting to learn all the details and fully see how they could apply to the initiatives that he had. He truly was one of the best kinds of clients to have because he really excelled at understanding the service and then becoming an example to others on how you can make it work.

However, Jake soon became more than just a client. Jake soon became a leader and great presenter of how to apply new strategies for the marketing & communications industry. He became a teacher and provided terrific analysis not just for the people he works with, but for other to follow and learn from afar. He’s truly become a great talent and sought after leader among PR & marketing professionals for attainable analysis of new trends and applications

Michael Pranikoff
Global Director of Emerging Media, PR Newswire