YOU found our website because we search engine optimized (SEO) our online presence to reach the key decision makers who select SEO firms for their medical practice.

YOU know that if you are not in control of your online presence you are losing money to your competition. We offer you Search Engine Control.

Services Offered by NewYorkSEO, LLC:

  1. Develop / Design and Create an Original Search Engine Optimized (SEO) and High SEO Converting Website
  2. Search Engine Optimization Implementation, Monitoring, & Management  
  3. Link Building 
  4. Search Engine Optimization Copywriting – we can write all the copy for your website
  5. Local Profile / Maps Optimization e.g. Google Local, Bing Local, AOL Local, etc.
  6. Create Videos and Video Search Engine Optimization
  7. Reputation Management
  8. Social Media Marketing 
  9. Blog Set-up / Management / Optimization
  10. Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing & Management

1. Develop Search Engine Optimized (SEO) and High Converting Website / Component Development

The most crucial element of a successful internet marketing plan is that of search engine ranking. NewYorkSEO, LLC will create and develop a custom search engine optimize website that adheres to current coding standards and algorithms.  We will build and code your website pages to be search engine friendly. One of the most important elements of the website is the ability to convert visitors into potential clients by moving them to a “call to action” – to buy your product. Your website will be designed in a way that will both maximize these leads to conversions as well as give the business a professional Internet presence (online branding). Our SEO company will manage every element of your website for you: from hosting to creating your email accounts, eForms, providing you with analytics, etc.

Website Design & Website Development Details

  • Designing a modern, unique, and attractive website, writing text copy, and coding text copy to adhere to current coding standards. All copy to be approved by YOU.
  • Linking of all pages: All pages will be tested to make sure all pages coincide with the correct navigational specifications.
  • Site map development: A current site map page will be developed so that the users can view the entire websites linking architecture, which helps in finding the correct link of their desired location within the site. Site maps also help in getting your full site listed within search engines.
  • Modernized custom contact form with customized thank you page: This will allow users to submit any questions or comments they may have. Once the form is submitted, the information will go to an email you specify. The user will then be taken to a confirmation page thanking them for submitting their questions or comments.
  • Loading speed: The biggest single reason visitors do not stay at a website is that it takes too long to load which is the time it takes for the page to appear on the computer screen. The site will be designed to fit your design requirements with loading speed in mind.
  • Cross browser checks: We make sure your site is compatible or looks the same in all major browsers, such as Explorer, Netscape, AOL, Firefox/Mozilla, Opera, and Safari.
  • Static Pages: Our NYC company will build as many SEO optimized pages as necessary.
  • Programming: The programming languages that are estimated to be used by our SEO firm are: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Joomla.
  • Mobile Websites / Responsive Websites: We will create and launch a mobile version of your website so that you can be found on all mobile devices.
  • We will assess your current copy content and if need be we will write content for your website or modify current content: creating engaging and appropriate website content.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Implementation, Monitoring & Management

NewYorkSEO, LLC’s effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts will drive visitors to your website.  More website visitors means you will make more money. Our firm provides complete ROI driven search engine optimization solutions designed to accomplish these goals. Every SEO marketing effort and solution is ROI measured down to the individual click, stroke, and phone call.

Your custom website will be search engine optimized  for each of your selected keywords and/or keyword phrases. This will include initial on-page optimization, code optimization (title tags, keyword tags, description tags, alt tags, image optimization, etc., and off-page optimization). NewYorkSEO, LLC will also implement a site architecture that will help with your website ranking. This means that YOU will appear on the 1st page of all search queries on every search engine.

  • Top-to-bottom management of SEO campaigns; generating ranking reports, conducting site audits.
  • Website Content Creation: Copy will be written (or modified) and optimized on each of your web pages.
  • Keyword Research / Keyword Selection, Due Diligence, and Analysis: we will tell you what the market size is for your keyword selection and assist you in selecting the best keywords for your firm / products so you will rank on high-converting keywords / keyword phrases and therefore make more money with our SEO efforts.
  • Content SEO Recommendations: A thorough review of the existing content of your site and we will naturally incorporate the selected keywords within the existing content throughout each page of your website.
  • Analytics: Based on your rankings and competition, we will continually modify your website to maintain or increase your current rankings within the search engines. To increase and maintain your rankings we will also implement a link building and citation strategy.

3. Link Building

Why is link building important for Search Engine Optimization? Search Engines see a link to your web site like a vote of confidence in your web site, thus the more links, the higher your site‘s authority. Search Engines believe that if other websites are linking to your Web pages, you must have something good to link to and will rate the page very positively. Today’s Search Engines algorithms take into consideration several additional factors when rating the quality of inbound links to your site. The more links you have, the more “real estate” you take up and the greater chances you will be discovered on the Internet and prompt someone to purchase your products.

  • Online Publicity: Writing and online distribution of newsworthy press releases.
  • Social Networking: Creation of relevant social networking profiles for your business.
  • Location-based social networks
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Information Aggregators
  • Wikis
  • RSS Directories
  • Review Sites
  • Directory Submission: Manually select and submit the highest quality, relevant directories available.
  • Blog Commenting: Well crafted comments on relevant industry blogs.
  • Industry Associations and Industry Websites: We will locate highly relevant niche industry websites to submit to.
  • Other Link Bait SEO Campaigns: We can take a more advanced link building approach as needed.

Link building is a heavily weighted factor in search engine algorithms. Google uses inbound links to determine which site appears first in the results. All things being equal, when two websites have similar structure and content, the site with the best links will be considered to have superior authority and will be served up first in a query.

4. Search Engine Optimization Copy-writing / SEO Content Optimization

Three members of our team have Master’s Degrees in English from reputable universities. As SEO Copywriters we create informative easily digestible content for both your website visitors and for the search engines. Effective SEO copywriting is imperative for search engine web site rank. Our company’s team of SEO copywriters is prepared to handle all of your SEO copywriting no matter the topic.

Our SEO copywriting capabilities include:

  • SEO website content
  • SEO press release copy & distribution
  • PPC landing page copy
  • eCommerce copy
  • Blog posts & blog marketing
  • Newsletters
  • Social media posts

5. Local Business Profiles / Maps Optimization

A “local” search is performed on the Internet when someone uses a search engine to find products or services in their specific geographic area. Everyone’s online presence has been effected by the shift toward local based marketing efforts.

The majority of your clients will be searching for the type of service you offer within close proximity to their home or workplace. Local search engine optimization is one of the most important elements in your Internet marketing strategy – more important than almost any other service anyone can offer you.

Local Search Engine Optimization will drive new clients to you. Local Search Optimization is one of the biggest money-makers. Period.

Our Local Search Services Include:

  • Claiming your listings on Google Places, Yahoo, Bing & Yelp and all doctor/surgeon websites.
  • Submitting accurate data on 100′s of local directories.
  • Maximizing & optimizing your local profiles.
  • Enhancing local search components and search signals on your website.
  • Creation and management of a patient review program.
  • Local (Google Maps) domination.

6. Creating Videos and Video Search Engine Optimization 

Video screenshots and video links show within the search results on all the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Each video will be Search Engine Optimized via “Video Optimization”. We will get your videos highly ranked in all the major search engines for your selected keywords / keyword phrases. After-all, Google owns YouTube. We will create and syndicate videos on several video sharing websites such as

For each of your videos, we will implement a goal driven strategy from inception to launch:

  • Create content for your video that matches the business goals and the audience demographic.
  • Create your videos.
  • Claim your YouTube Chanel / Create Your YouTube Chanel.
  • Submit videos to all search engines.
  • Optimize your videos so your videos appear at the top of search engines.

7. Reputation Management / Reputation Management Optimization

Our SEO company’s Reputation Management solutions are straightforward and they work quickly. We force negative search results about you &/or your firm off the top pages of search engines. We prompt positive content and reviews to search engines to amplify your rankings, and ensure top rank of positive reviews – this is called “Reputation Management Optimization” and we only use “White Hat” tactics.

The reputation and success of any company depends heavily on what people say. In the age of the Internet, critics, customers, and bloggers can now rate and review you & your firm anytime in real-time and be very influential: positively or negatively impacting a purchase. NewYorkSEO, LLC will maintain and increase your  reputation via our “Reputation Management” techniques.  Since most customers today conduct online research about a firm’s products prior to making a purchase – it is crucial that your company has a glowing reputation. We will be your online positive press engine on review sites and on social media platforms. We will teach you how to engage with your clients on social media platforms. If your firm is not currently heavily reviewed then we will teach you how to get reviewed and create the necessary buzz to make you an important destination.

Unflattering information / reviews show up in natural search engine results. There‘s not much that can be done to prevent this but when it occurs, there are options which can substantially reduce how easy it is to find negative reviews. Simply put, we can make the negative reviews / negative articles disappear and make positive ones dominate.

We will monitor & control your online reputation – we know that your most important asset is your reputation:

  • Websites
  • Directories
  • Reviews
  • Blogs
  • RSS Feeds
  • Press Releases

8. Social Media Marketing / Social Media SEO

Social Media Marketing is an important component of Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing for several reasons. Not only do websites with constantly updated content (i.e., new blog posts, new videos) appear higher in search results, but content published on social networks often appears in regular Google and Bing search results (Bing has maintained a strong alliance with Facebook). As a fully white hat SEO firm, NewYorkSEO, LLC will seed your website and content across all relevant social networks and show you how to optimize your site for social media marketing.

  • Account creation and management across the most effective social media outlets, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and others.
  • Strategic communications and campaign management, including promotions, coupons, new products, and special events.
  • Content development and cultivation, including blogs (see Blog Optimization below), videos, and photos.
  • Social media audience development and customer acquisition: we will show how you can capture leads and prospects through social media efforts.
  • Integration of social media activity of your employees, customers, and partners.
  • Keyword Research: Any SEO practitioner will tell you that keyword research is always one of the first steps when optimizing a site for search, and it’s no different in Social Media. We will optimize your content for social media search.
  • Monthly reports and analysis of your social media presence and performance.

9. Blog  Optimization

A blog is basically a very simple website. Blogs are easy to set up and manage; we will set-up your blog and teach you how to blog for SEO. All you do is log-in, type a title and a short article (a blog post) and click “Publish‘ and your blog automatically adds the new blog post at the top of the page and pushes the older blog posts lower down.

Blogs have 3 main business benefits:

  • The search engines love blogs. Lots of words, frequently updated and bloggers often link to each other. Words+Links=Search Engine Success. Blogs create buzz = more leads = more revenue.
  • People subscribe to blogs to get an electronic notification every time you update the blog. The updates are pushed to people’s email or personalized websites through RSS feeds (a technical sounding term, but this is just a tool to facilitate blog subscriptions called Really Simple Syndication).
  •  Blogs are more conversational than websites, as you can allow a bit of personality to shine through a company blog or a CEO blog.

Our NYC SEO firm can also ‘ghost blog’ for you, creating the content, optimizing it for search, and publishing it on your website and through your social channels. You can merely provide us some guidance and we can do the heavy lifting for you.

10. Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing & Management

Pay per click (PPC) internet advertising provides instant exposure of a website and your product / services and if conducted and managed  properly generates massive traffic to your website. As a result, there is also an increasing demand for PPC services. NewYorkSEO, LLC provides the creation of PPC landing pages and landing page optimization – to prompt a call to action. All Pay Per Click Programs (PPC):  Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Bing PPC campaigns only succeed with strict attention to detail. Our SEO company performs A/B test for every selected campaign and we use bid agent tolls to maximize your ROI and stay in budget. Each month (or on demand) you will receive a detailed report analyzing your clicks, click through rates, costs, conversions, cost per conversion and conversion rates per keyword / keywords phrase and the action items taken per campaign. All PPC campaigns are PPC-SEO optimized for budget, click-throughs, and conversions.

We Offer Full Internet Marketing Analytics For All Our Services: Internet Marketing Analytics is the practice of measuring, managing & analyzing any and all internet marketing activities to maximize its effectiveness and optimize return on investment (ROI). Marketing analytics is the backbone of all of NewYorkSEO, LLC’s efforts. We are a data driven optimization firm headquartered in NYC.  Each month (or on demand) your website and all Internet Marketing efforts will be monitored and optimized by our firm. Everything that we do can be measured. Better information drives more meaningful insights and improved performance and makes you money.

Whether you need a new website, need to upgrade your existing website, or need Search Engine Optimization or Reputation Management – the NYC SEO firm NewYorkSEO, LLC can get the job done. For over a 16 years our company has furnished our clients with 1st page rankings. We make our clients relevant on the Internet (and a lot of money). We are a full service American Internet Marketing firm with an undisputable track-record o success specializing in SEO, Reputation Management, and Local Search.